Beer reviews

Beers of the following nations have been reviewed below an unqualified but enthusiastic manner. Whilst my articulation of flavours and tastes might not be very professional, I think the scores are probably pretty fair:
1st:     ETHIOPIA     8.25
2nd:    SWAZILAND    8.0
3rd:    ARGENTINA    7.0
4th:    LAOS                    6.6
4th:    MOZAMBIQUE 6.6
6th:    COLOMBIA        6.4
7th:    UGANDA            5.5
7th:    TANZANIA       5.5
9th:     MYANMAR      5.4
10th:     PHILIPPINES  5.3
11th:   BOLIVIA           5.2
12th:   MALAWI           5.0
13th:   NEPAL               4.8
14th:   BRAZIL             4.7
15th:   VIETNAM        4.6
  • BEERS OF ETHIOPIA – Average of 8.25 out of 10 from 8 beers. Pretty sure we tried all of the beers available to us, although there may have been local beers in the south we didn’t try. We saved the best til last – Ethiopia doesn’t have any disappointing beers available – and most are delicious. Who’d have thunk it?! Not just Champion beer country of Africa, but CHAMPION BEER COUNTRY….OF THE WORLD (from our trip)!!!!! Champion Beer of Ethiopia: META PREMIUM (10/10)
  • BEERS OF UGANDA – Average of 5.5 out of 10 from 6 beers. I think I tried all but a stout that I saw advertised but couldn’t find for sale anywhere. There are quite a few East African Brewery Limited beers brewed in Uganda that are actually originally Kenyan beers, and so aren’t counted. Important in Uganda to request your beer is COLD! Champion Beer of Uganda: NILE GOLD (7/10)
  • BEERS OF TANZANIA – Average of 5.5 out of 10 from 4 beers. I could only find the four beers, none of which were particularly brilliant nor were they foul. I suspect there were probably other regional beers in the west or north of country, but there are several Kenyan and South African beers available widely. Champion Beer of Tanzania: NDOVO SPECIAL MALT (7/10)
  • BEER OF MALAWIAverage of 5 out of 10 from 1 beer. Like Swaziland they’ve only got the one, but alas it’s not up to much. It’s a weak and straightforward lager, but is really in the shadow of the Malawian-brewed Carlsberg beers, which are unrecognisable from the unpleasant UK equivalents. Champion Beer of Malawi: (by default) KUCHE KUCHE (5/10)
  • BEERS OF MOZAMBIQUEAverage of 6.6 out of 10 from 5 beers. Mozambique scores well because from their five beers there are no absolute sinkers, and so the average is good. Champion beer of Mozambique: LAURENTINA PREMIUM (8/10)

  • BEER OF SWAZILANDAverage of 8 out of 10 from 1 beer. Possibly a bit of a cheat this one, as there is
    only one Swazi beer. But it is good. Needs to be sampled from bottle rather than can, as with all beers. Champion beer of Swaziland: SIBEBE (8/10)
  • BEERS OF COLOMBIA  – average score of 6.4 from 29beers. Colombia’s average score was propped up by the quality of two or three

    The one of the left

    very good microbreweries, and the fact that two of their staple beers are very good. However all of the popular beers except Club Colombia are exceedingly boring and bland. They were also let down by the worst beer of the trip – mainly because most places can’t serve draught beer. Champion beer of Colombia: BOGOTÁ BEER COMPANY CHAPINERO PORTER (10/10).

  • BEERS OF BOLIVIA  – average score of 5.2 from 18 beers. Bolivia has a selection of easy-to-find decent lagers, but their average score was badly let down by their microbrewed draught beers, simply because no one knows how to serve draught beer in the country, it seems. I think we tried pretty much all of the common beers, but there probably other microbreweries we didn’t find. Champion beers of Bolivia: PACENA ORO and TAQUINA EXPORT (both 8/10)
  • BEERS OF ARGENTINA  – average score 7.0 from 33 beers. At last a proper beer-loving nation! I’m sure it’s the German and Welsh influence combined with the British-type weather in Patagonia, but the southern beers from the smaller breweries were excellent, and would give German, Czech and Belgian beers and a run for their money. The beers from the north were more typically South American (bland and boring). We probably tried about 70% of the popular beers, but there may be many more artisan beers we missed. Champion beers of Argentina (all 10/10): SHOLKEN RUBIA, EL BOLSEN – RUBIA, BERLINA IPA and OTROMUNDO NUT BROWN ALE 

  • BEERS OF BRAZIL – average score 4.7 from 22 beers. Enormously disappointing beers on the whole. Their attempts at dark beers are sickly sweet, and it is a mystery why anyone would drink Brahma. We found one decent artisan beer, which may suggestion that they do have – like Argentina – some decent smaller breweries tucked away somewhere. We definitely did not try all the beers in Brazil, as they have many regional beers and we mainly stayed south. Champion beer of Brazil: BACKER (8/10)
  • BEERS OF MYANMAR – average score 5.4 from 7 beers. Myanmar Beer (the brand) is pretty good, but their average is dragged down by boring regional beers. Fairly sure we tried all beers we were aware of. Champion beers of Myanmar: MYANMAR BEER and DAGON (both 7/10)

  • BEERS OF PHILIPPINES – average score out of 10: 5.3 from 10 beers. Beer in the Philippines is dominated by (the original and best) local San Miguel. Their flagship beer is every bit as good as Beer Laos, and they make some good other beers, but also some bad ones. Champion beers of the Philippines: SAN MIGUEL PALE PILSEN and SAN MIGUEL PREMIUM (both 8/10)
  • BEERS OF LAOS – average score out of 10: 6.6 from 5 beers. Beer Lao is much better than almost all lagers on offer in an average UK pub, and some of the others are okay too. We tried all the beers we were aware of. Champion beer of Laos: BEER LAOS (8/10) 
  • BEERS OF VIETNAM – average score out of 10: 4.6 from 14 beers. Very bland and watery lagers, with not much variation, other than a slight increase in strength from some. I don’t think we managed to try them all, as they like their regional beer, and we didn’t get to the very north due to bad weather. Good microbreweries though (but foreign run and owned). And the cheapest beer on the trip – possibly the cheapest to be found anywhere in the world – for 12p a glass. Champion beer of Vietnam: FESTIVAL (7/10)
  • BEERS OF NEPAL – average score out of 10: 4.8 from 5 beers. Nepali beers are solely pale lagers, without much taste. I’m pretty confident we tried pretty much all the beers available to us. Champion beer of Nepal: EVEREST (6/10)                                                          


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  1. lateforcoffee June 17, 2013 at 3:41 am #

    i guess i am late. real super late in fact, its already 10 mths since you guys get back into office i suppose, and i only found this great blog here. 😦
    by the way, aren’t you going to put up the price of the beers? wish to know how much a beer treat will cost in the various countries 🙂


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