Beer of Malawi

Kuche Kuche

The Carlsberg Malawi Brewery in Blantyre produces all of Malawi’s beer – it is very rare to find anywhere in the country anything but Carlsberg brands and the one Malawian beer.

The most popular beer is straightforward Carlsberg, known when ordering as just ‘a green’ (due to the label colour). However it isn’t the chav piss we get in the UK. Oddly, it’s actually rather good. It’s 4.7% instead of the 4.2%-ish nasty tasting nonsense we get in the UK, and is full of flavour. I presume it’s much nearer the Carlsberg the Danish actually drink in their homeland, and would explain the surprise you get from Danish travellers when it’s explained that in the UK Carlsberg is the cheap shitty lager drunk only by those devoid of taste buds, sense or the extra 30p it costs to buy something better. Shame it can’t be scored here, but it can’t as it is really a Danish beer. They also brew a Carlsberg Stout, which is also a nice beer (but Danish). Finally, they brew Special Brew, which isn’t the tramp juice enjoyed by gentlemen of the road in the UK, but is a 5.7% smooth and strong lager, which isn’t great but is perfectly palatable.

But the only truly Malawian beer is Kuche Kuche, brewed at the same Carlsberg brewery, which is an easy-drinking light lager only registering 3.7% alcohol. The name refers to the local term meaning ‘drink ‘til dawn’. It’s hard to imagine a British brand getting away calling a beer ‘Binge Drink’ (although maybe it might get passed on the account of irony, given that it’s just 3.7%). As weak beers go, it’s not too bad, and makes a good lunchtime option, but whilst having a properly ‘beery’ aroma and taste is suffers from a slight chemical undertones.




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