Beers of Nepal


Everest Beer

Refreshing, clean, crisp beer, which usually are the adjectives that describe a relatively tasteless beer, which this is. It’s a pleasant drink though, and goes well with curry.


Kathmandu Beer

Stronger and rounder, but it sadly brings out the average flavours the crispness of Everest did well to hide. Tastes a bit of rice pudding, which is fine if you’re tasting rice pudding but not so with a beer. Fosters-esque.


Gorkha Beer

Another fuller bodied beer, but much less offensive than Kathmandu. Still a bit ricey and a little bit buttery, but not bad.


Nepal Ice

An odd tasting beer, this one. It has metallic undertones that make it taste as though they have substituted hops for some AA batteries and a few 2-pence coins. Kind of refreshing, but not a good one.


Nepal Ice: battery-esque

Nepal Ice Strong

Crikey. This one caught us out – we just asked for a Nepal Ice and got this for the same price, which has the same metallic taste, but with an unwanted extra oomph, courtesy of it’s 7% volume.


[no pic, as same as Nepal Ice, just with the word STRONG added]



INDIA [airport, in transit]


A British curry standard, a clean, fresh lager, which is very gassy and fairly light. Pleasant, but unremarkable – just above bog-standard.


THAILAND  [one day only]


A slightly stronger, fuller bodied lager. Again, fairly non-descript but nice enough. Not as refreshing as others, and not above bog-standard. Natives of Thailand speak of it smarting in the morning if you have more than a couple.




2 Responses to “Beers of Nepal”

  1. Paul Lennon December 8, 2011 at 9:20 pm #

    I can highly recommend Beer Laos. Will you be stopping there to check it out?

  2. Paula Smith December 14, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    Angkor beer in Cambodia isn’t too bad. Siem Reap – everyone goes to the Red Piano but a few doors down is another small bar – pint of draft beer is 50cents (33p) quite strong though!

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