Beers of Mozambique

2M (Dois M)

Mozambique’s best-selling beer has a delightful hoppy aroma that would suggest you’re in for a proper beery treat. But alas on the palate it doesn’t match the nose. Bit boring, this one.


Laurentina Clara

From the Laurentina stable this is their pale lager, and is a tasty pilsner-esque beer with good balance and bitter twangs.


Laurentina Preta

Laurentina’s stout is a good one – not too sugary and not too heavy. Satisfactory bitter notes of burnt cereal.


Laurentina Premium

A fuller-bodied smooth lager apparently with superior hops, and it does show. Bitter finish to a velvety and hoppy taste.



Many a local’s favourite, Manica is a decent pale lager, with nothing exceptional about it. Quite metallic to taste, which I believe they would call ‘minerally’ in character.


Mozambique beers score an average of 6.6 from 5 beers.

Here’s where Mozambique sits in the world beer league table.


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