Beers of Myanmar

Myanmar Lager Beer

A third nation in a row has a signature beer that is pretty good! A darker golden colour, with a clean balance between bitter and sweet, and with malty and hoppy flavours coming through. It tastes a whole lot better when ice cold from draught than in a bottle (oddly) or from a can. It’s a little dearer than the others, but is worth it.


Mandalay Lager Beer

A straightforward yet rather boring lager. Crisp, clean and rather watery. Another that is not unpleasant but just adequate. This beer can be found in most places outside Yangon, but most locals prefer the stronger version.


Mandalay Strong Ale Beer

Not sure how the word ale can be used for this one. This is the better (and weaker) of the two leading strong beers. The sweetness overpowers any other detectable flavour, but it’s a firm favourite with the locals who aren’t drinking cheap rum or whisky.


Dagon Lager Beer

This is most usually found in draught form, and it’s rather nice. Named after a neighbourhood (or township, as they call them) in Yangon, this is a lighter, more Pilsner-esque beer to the Myanmar, but with a decent crisp bitterness and refreshing bite.


Dagon Extra Strong

This makes most first-time drinkers give a little shiver and spasm after their first sip. It’s 8% strong and they haven’t tried to hide the alcohol taste. It rather comes across as a Myanmar beer with a double shot of vodka and a dollop of glucose syrup added.


Anadaman Gold

Brewed by the Mandalay Brewing company, this seems to only come in cans, much to its detriment as it’s harder to ignore the metallic taste the can gives. However it does seem to be a decent brew, but not as ‘premium’ as the label would make out.



Well I’ll be buggered – if it isn’t a healthy beer! This odd one is made by the Mandalay beer people and contains ‘anti-ageing’ algae from a lake in Myanmar, which provide the drinker not only with a healthy 7% alcohol, but a whole list of health benefits. It will reduce your cholesterol, improve your complexion and make you look years younger. Maybe they should replace free milk at schools with this beer. It starts off okay – strong and sweet, but as you get nearer the bottom – where the algae lurks, I presume – the bitterness gets more intense until right at the bottom where it’s so bitter it becomes a little wince inducing. Scores an extra mark for its health benefits and its novelty factor.





4 Responses to “Beers of Myanmar”

  1. Eddie carrion January 18, 2017 at 12:58 am #

    I always wanted Asia beer, but I lived in USA. There hard to get


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