Beers of Uganda

The first time I ordered a beer in Kampala it came warm, although I’d seen them in the fridge behind the bar. I complained about its warmth, but the barman just pointed out that I hadn’t asked for a cold one. I couldn’t really argue as this was true, but it does seem that even when cold beer is available Ugandans sometimes fancy a warm lager, so you have to ask for a cold one.

Nile Special

Quite a strong lager, Nile is smooth and well-rounded but without much more to offer. It’s decent enough though. Probably the most popular beer in Uganda, it takes its name from its source of water which is from the source of the Nile.



One of the few beers not made by Nile Breweries (under the license of mega-brewer SAB Miller), Bell is a straight down the line boring lager. Not too watery, but not too flavoursome either.



Claims not to have any sugar added, but plenty of quality malt, and it is a pleasant dry lager but is lacking in any hint of hops or proper beery flavours.


Nile Gold

Pick of the bunch. Made with better quality hops and malt, and it shows. Smooth and pretty tasty.



Also brewed by Nile, Club is the nearest to an Asian or South American bland lager. Ordinary, crisp and rather tasteless.



Yet another from the Nile stable, Eagle is a 6.5% lager for those that drink to get drunk. It’s not very nice and tastes chiefly of alcohol and chemicals. A one-way ticket to a sore head in the morning.


Ugandan beers averaged 5.5 out of 10 from 6 beers.

To see where Uganda stands in the World Beer League Table of Our Trip click here.


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