Photos of Nepal

Smile for the camera

Woman at Durbar square

When an acronym just won't do

Holy cow and temple in Dubar Square

Temples in Dubar Square

Marcus showing Nepali kid how keepy uppies with a few rubber bands tied together should be done

Lucy and snotty child

Spiritual man and woman

More temples




Crowds gather at Dubar Square for pop concert

Woman at Dubar Square

Crowds watch pop star

Lucy and monks

Monkey at Monkey Temple

Baby Monkey

Baby monkey

Pagoda at Monkey Temple

Marcus at the Temple of German War Helmets

The Canine King of Nepal looks down on his subjects

Holy cow (or bull, perhaps?) enjoys a tasty feast courtesy of an impromptu roadside rubbish dump

Nepali breakfast - first curry of the day

Monkey mum and child

Monkey Temple bunting or 'Buddhist Prayer Flags', as they call them

The only man to have ever parted his beard for my photo

Luce in old town of Kathmandu

Back to Paul (or Bhaktapur)

Marcus at Bhaktapur


Dubar Square at Bhaktapur

Marcus and temple at Bhaktapur

Wandering round Bhaktapur

Woman with camouflaged headdress

Lu in Bhaktapur

Lu with elderly Nepalis

Nepali men

Lu in passages of Bhaktapur

Lu by chicken bus stop

Bhaktapur buildings


Nepali men passing the time

Suk and Lucy at start of trek

Day one of trek

First wobbly bridge

First sighting of Annapurna 2

Stopping for a break

Afternoon of day two

Tiny village on day 2

Another Dal Baht

A 'Buff' crosses our path

Lu by a steep drop

Through the forest

One of many rickety bridges

Another bridge

Three of many thousands of chickens along the way

Donkey trail

Police checkpoint


Poon Hill summit

Lu and mountain

Us on Poo n Hill

Had to do it

Mount Dhalagiri - just under the height of Everest

Lu and Annapurnas

Marcus and Annapurnas

Annapurna 1

Lu and sunrise

Minutes before sunrise

Camera runs out of batteries soon

Just before the battery went

It's the sun! And the end of my battery

The lesser-spotted Himalayan double-headed donkey

Morning trek through forest

Annapuras in view

View of Annapurnas

A packet-of-coffee photo

Sunbathing at lunch spot

Wooded afternoon

Strange area of cairns on stream

Another bridge

And another

A porter rest stop by a steep ledge that Lu's keeping away from

Climb through the forest

Arriving (too early again) in the village of

View from our room in T

View from our room (from Lu's perspective)

Through the woods where bandits are meant to be active (see saw none)

Suk and Marcus in steep forested descent


Marcus in forest


Compelling message

Arriving in Ghandruk

Info for trekkers

Gurung History Museum - capacity: 8 people



Kids playing in hay

One of many proud cockerels




Luce needing a hand near a steep drop

Misty final morning of trek


Leaving Ghandruk




Freight transport


Sheets of wood with legs



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